GQ MAGAZINE: A debut author's advice on writing your first novel

Elizabeth Moore is the author of The Man On The Middle Floor, her first novel. Here she shares her tips for writing yours...

Writing is unlike almost anything else you will ever decide to do. It’s an undertaking of arrogance, to sit down at a blank page and decide that your opinions, your stories and your experiences are worth turning into words on a page and that others are going to want to read them.



SOUTH LONDON PRESS: talk of the town books

A journalist is about to make her debut as an author with a murderous thriller set in South London. Elizabeth Moore, who lives near Streatham Common, decided to start writing her book in her 50’s, after working as a journalist since the tender age of 17 writing articles about food, wine and politics.




Writing one’s first novel later in life can be daunting. But life enriches that ultimate novel with perspective and the chance to observe one’s foibles as well as the people round you...




"Would I recommend The Man on the Middle Floor? If you like strange and quirky then absolutely. You won’t want it to end. I absolutely loved it."



mail online: must read

"This must-read about an autistic murderer which examines society's attitude to Asperger' alongside the twists and turns."

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short book and scribes

"Elizabeth S. Moore certainly doesn't hold back. This book packs many a punch in its 300 or so pages. It's unexpected, thought-provoking, interesting, shocking and a very well thought out book. It's certainly one I won't forget in a hurry!"


Heart streatham

“The Man on the Middle Floor” has just been released and is very much the talk of the literary town. I’ve read it and will desperately try to avoid spoilers here, but, nevermind me, she’s just been named WH Smith’s “Fresh Talent” for 2018, and love him or hate him, Piers Morgan loved the book so much it’s the only book he’s ever tweeted about. And he’s right. Buy it; read it. Seriously, it’s good."

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a ticket to everywhere

"The Man on the Middle Floor is a very well written and thought provoking debut. The author clearly has a lot to say on certain subjects and does so in a very effective way."

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whispering stories

"The book is entertaining and moving in part. I thoroughly enjoy it and I read it in just two sittings. This is going to be one of those books that starts conversations and would be great for a book club to read and discuss."

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linda's book bag

"Elizabeth Moore took me well out of my comfort zone and that is a very good thing. I was forced to confront my own perceptions of mental health and so-called normality. Would I recommend The Man On The Middle Floor? Absolutely. Without hesitation. I think The Man On The Middle Floor is a book we should all read and talk about."

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books of all kinds

"An in-depth, often disturbing look at modern life with plenty of opinions that will get you talking and keep you interested to the very end."

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novel gossip

"The story is beautifully told with a fast paced plot and lovely prose. This is one of those books that I call “sticky”. The story and characters have stayed with me several days after finishing it. The end of the novel brought tears to my eyes and left me feeling a sense of peace and sadness all at the same time."

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rather too fond of books


"If you like novels that are a bit different, that make you think and defy genre then this is the book for you; I certainly recommend it!"

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everywhere and nowhere

"This book is a very interesting one, it’s the kind of book that sits between multiple genres there is a crime but it’s also very much a look at the human condition. I found it fascinating and was hooked really quickly, with its strong writing and characters."

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the book magnet

"I think Elizabeth S Moore has taken a very brave step to put the subject of autism on the table - so let's talk about it. The Man on the Middle Floor is a perfectly crafted story that I think everyone will be talking about this year."


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