GQ MAGAZINE: A debut author's advice on writing your first novel

Elizabeth Moore is the author of The Man On The Middle Floor, her first novel. Here she shares her tips for writing yours...

Writing is unlike almost anything else you will ever decide to do. It’s an undertaking of arrogance, to sit down at a blank page and decide that your opinions, your stories and your experiences are worth turning into words on a page and that others are going to want to read them.



SOUTH LONDON PRESS: talk of the town books

A journalist is about to make her debut as an author with a murderous thriller set in South London. Elizabeth Moore, who lives near Streatham Common, decided to start writing her book in her 50’s, after working as a journalist since the tender age of 17 writing articles about food, wine and politics.




Writing one’s first novel later in life can be daunting. But life enriches that ultimate novel with perspective and the chance to observe one’s foibles as well as the people round you...




"Would I recommend The Man on the Middle Floor? If you like strange and quirky then absolutely. You won’t want it to end. I absolutely loved it."

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